Documents in the archive on this site are tagged by type and source and selected keywords as well as being organised into categories.

To see all documents tagged as a newsletter you can either use this index and click on the "Newsletters" entry below, or click on the "Newsletter" tag name under the document title on any item that is tagged as a newsletter. Either way you will get a complete list, in date order, of everything tagged as a newsletter across the entire archive.

Unfortunately at the moment there is no filtering or combining facility on tags (we are working on it) so you can't get a single list of all leaflets and flyers, or all newsletters sourced by David Taylor.

To get round this limitation we have created subcategories by document type for organisations with a lot of documents. Thus to see all the Newsletters for the Ecology Party you would visit the "Political Parties | Ecology Party | EP Newsletters category where you will find all the available EP Newsletters in date order.

Document Type Tags:

Click the tag name to get a list of all documents tagged as that type. Some documents may be tagged as more than one type (eg Flyer & Leaflet which often overlap)

Tag (Type-) Description
Advert advertisement published in some other media 
Agenda agenda for a meeting
Article a complete article, may also be an offprint
Circular a simple round robin sent to a group, less than a newsletter
Flyer a single sheet, often single sided and smaller than A4, overlaps with leaflet
Internal internal organisation documents, not originally publicly available 
Leaflet usually double sided, may be single or double folded to create up to 6 pages
Letter copy of correspondence, usually originally private
Magazine complete issue of a magazine or journal, usually publicly available 
Manifesto multi page document setting out an organisation's position 
Minutes formal record of a meeting
Newsletter usually sent only to members or subscribers. Simpler than a full magazine.
Note informal record, typically of a meeting or conversation
Offprint single article or item extracted from a larger publication
Pamphlet multi page document usually dealing with a single topic
Poster single sided A4 or larger designed for display. Sometimes one side of a leaflet also acts as a poster. 
Press Cutting clipping from a newspaper 
Press Release information sent to a news organisation for use

There are also tags for the source of a document (where our copy came from) and some common topics that cut across organisation categories.