This area contains documents available for download as PDF files. Mostly these have been scanned from paper originals.

The sub-menu above in this area provides the following links to access the archive

  • All Documents
  • Category Tree
  • Category Table
  • Tags Index


Optical character recognition (OCR) has been applied to most documents which will allow you to extract text by selecting and copying. Note that the OCR is often far from perfect and you will need to manually edit the copied text to clean it up. In particular where the original material is in columns OCR is prone to intermixing the material across columns.


Documents are categorised primarily by the organisation or part of the green movement that they belong to. You can see a tree of the available categories at the top right of the screen on the library pages. Click on the '+' to expand the sub-categories under each category in the tree. Click on the category name to get a listing of all the documents in that category - usually sorted by original date.

Basic Info

In the category listing for each item you see

  • the Title of the item
  • the Filename which is linked to download the PDF
  • a list of tags applied to the item - click on a tag to get a page listing of all items with the same tag
    • all documents should have tags for the document type, the year produced, and a code for the source.
  • the file size and date (month-year) added to the archive
  • a short description
  • a thumbnail image - click on the thumbnail for a pop-up larger image of the first page
  • three buttons Popup Details, Download, Full Details

Popup Details

The  Popup Details button enables you to see more details of the item in a popup window without leaving the current list

The  Full Details button opens the item details page. If you want to link to a specific item in the archive this is the page to link to.

The  Download button, like clicking on the filename, will download the pdf. We discourage linking directly to the file itself (the link is not provided) simply because we want to be able to track how often files are downloaded