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, Scientist warns " "If we're still rolling along on fossil fuels by the end of the century, then we've had it."

Mon 19th Jul 1976 18 Jul 2022

" "A greenhouse energy strategy : sustainable energy development for Australia" launched ... ignored #auspol

Sat 3rd Mar 1990 03 Mar 2022

"'Greenhouse Effect' Could Trigger Flooding, Crop Losses, Scientists Say"

Mon 13th Jun 1988 12 Jun 2022

"#Climate Experts see a Warming Trend"

Sat 18th Feb 1978 18 Feb 2022

"2 degrees of warming to be a catastrophe"

Thu 16th Dec 2004 16 Dec 2023

"4 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rise by 2027" predicts #climate scientist Wally Broecker

Tue 31st May 1977 31 May 2022

"A Chemist Thinks about the Future" #Keeling #KeelingCurve

Thu 29th May 1969 29 May 2022

"a risk averse society might prefer nuclear power generation to fossil fuel burning"

Wed 16th Apr 1980 16 Apr 2022

"Alternative Three" - An early Climate Hoax

Mon 20th Jun 1977 20 Jun 2022

"An Investigation into the Bush Administration's Misuse of Science"

Wed 18th Feb 2004 17 Feb 2024

"Ark" sinks its cred

Tue 11th Apr 1989 10 Apr 2023

"Carbon dioxide, climate and society" workshop

Tue 21st Feb 1978 20 Feb 2023

"CCS to be studied by IPCC"

Wed 19th Feb 2003 18 Feb 2023

"Changing Climate" report released

Fri 21st Oct 1983 20 Oct 2023

"Clean Coal Initiative" as move in game of one-dimensional electoral chess #auspol

Sun 25th Feb 2007 25 Feb 2022

"Clean Coal" money being spent on PR

Mon 20th Feb 2017 19 Feb 2024

"Clean coal" power station by2014, honest...

Tue 22nd May 2007 22 May 2022

"Climate Change: Turning up the Heat" published

Thu 13th Oct 2005 13 Oct 2022

"Climate Institute" begins tour of rural Victoria

Wed 11th Oct 2006 10 Oct 2022

"Cut the Green Crap" said UK Prime Minister

Thu 21st Nov 2013 20 Nov 2023

"don't be evil" my fat arse....

Thu 11th Jul 2013 10 Jul 2023

"Earthrise" photo

Tue 24th Dec 1968 23 Dec 2022

"Eco-pornography ... Advertising owns Ecology"...

Thu 2nd Nov 1972 01 Nov 2023

"Ecologically Sustainable Development" bites the dust...

Mon 2nd Dec 1991 02 Dec 2022

"Ecology Action East" is "intersectional"

Wed 7th Jan 1970 06 Jan 2024

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