Green History videos are hosted on the Green History Channel on YouTube and embedded and linked on this site.

Below are four videos of the Green Gathering and Green Fields in the 1980s, a look back at the Molesworth Peace Camp, and the 1983 ,1987, and 1989 Party Election Broadcasts by the Ecology and Green Parties

Green Gathering and Green Fields

1983 Green Gathering . Much nudity and a fragment of music from Planet Waves.
43 minute film made by NTFS students. 

Segments on first Green field at Glastonbury CND festival 1984 from Camden Video.
Somewhat tongue-in-cheek report!

Item on fragment of the Rainbow Convoy which arrived at Glastonbury Festival 1987.
Extract from Network 7 coverage

Item on Glastonbury CND Festival 1987 on the Green Field area.
Extract from Network 7 coverage.

Molesworth Peace Camp


Anglia TV Look Back East from 2005 section on Molesworth and the eviction 1894/85. Interviews with David Taylor in '84 and '05 and archive footage from '84.


Party Election Broadcasts

1979 PEB radio version:

1979 PEB TV version:

Sally Willington remembering the 1979 broadcast in 1983 (10 year look back)…

We were Green in every sense and had no idea how to make our election film. I remembered a correspondence with an lTV writer in Portsmouth and asked him to recommend a source of help and information. He said go and see Jenny and Co in Soho. Jonathon Porritt and I went. After about half an hour, the two Jenny men came to the conclusion that ours was a revolutionary philosophy and, since we had no money they must help us. This they did and that is why we had such a good broadcast that it brought in 5000 members and is remembered to this day.

We are still searching for the video of the 1979 broadcast - please contact us if you have a copy

1983 General Election

The Ecology Party Election broadcast in 1983. The early 80s saw a lot of concern and activity on the anti- nuclear (civil and military) front reflected in the broadcast.
Jonathon Porritt (Election Coordinator) summed up, other speakers not identified - do you know them? Please comment below.

1987 General Election

"Politics for Life" - First election broadcast as the Green Party (was Ecology Party in 1983) "Is this the world we want for our children?" with Jean Lambert (later to become a Green MEP), Niki Kortvelyessy (Parliamentary Candidate), Jo Robins (GP Executive co-Chair), Dr.Richard Lawson (Green District Councillor), David Spaven (Scottish Green Party).

1989 Euro Election

This broadcast featured children talking (scripted) to camera about aspects of the world and things happening to them - known as the "Slime Child" video for obvious reasons. No grown up speakers, and no children were harmed in the making of this video smile


Most of the above are transfers from VHS tapes recorded off-air and so quality is less than ideal.

If you have, or know of, any video or film of Green activities or events in the period 1972-1989 please do get in touch.