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A Guide for the Perplexed 

  Author : E.F. Schumacher 
  Published : 1977
  Summary: A damning critique of scientific materialism - the summation of his life's work.   Commentary 92 words

The Notebooks and Reports of William Weston

  Author : Ernest Callenbach 
  Published : 1975
  Summary: A fictional description of an Ecological Utopia   Commentary 60 words

Be Human or Die 
A Study in Ecological Humanism

  Author : Robert Waller 
  Published : 1973
  No summary or synopsis provided

Blueprint for Survival 

  Authors : Robert Allen , Edward (Teddy) Goldsmith 
  Published : 1972
  Summary: Published in book form after appearing in The Ecologist and widely read and translated.   Commentary 17 words

Deschooling Society 

  Author : Ivan Illich 
  Published : 1971
  Summary: A critique of modern schooling - "Universal education through schooling is not feasible."

Future Shock 

  Author : Alvin Toffler 
  Published : 1970
  Summary: Looking forward to a post-industrial society   Commentary 17 words

Animal Machines 

  Author : Ruth Harrison 
  Published : 1964
  Summary: Did for factory farming what Silent Spring did for pesticides   Commentary 53 words

Fields, Factories and Workshops 

  unlisted author
  Published : 2000
  Summary: Often presented as an anarchist text but actually a vision of self-sufficient ecological communities   Commentary 11 words