This area contains documents and photos available for download.

Documents are categorised primarily by the organisation or part of the green movement that they belong to. You can see a tree of the available categories at the top right of the screen on the library pages. Click on the '+' to expand the sub-categories under each category in the tree. Click on the category name to get a listing of all the documents in that category - usually sorted by original date.

In the category listing for each item you see

  • the Title
  • an icon for the file type (most are PDF)
  • a list of tags applied to the item - click on a tag to get a page listing of all items with the same tag
  • the file size
  • the year produced
  • a note of the source (with link to the original if it was downloaded from the internet)
  • a short description
  • a thumbnail image - click on the thumbnail for a pop-up larger image of the first page
  • two download buttons

The "Info Page & d/l" button links to a download page for the item with a download button and full details (including notes on the original format and additional information). In addition you can submit comments on the item which may or may not be published for others to see. The download page is bookmarkable so that you can share the link if you wish.

The "Info Pop-up & d/l" button provides a pop-up window with the same information. This may be quicker if you just want to download the item and get back to the list, but obviously you can't bookmark or share the pop-up link.

In general we discourage you from attempting to link directly to the file for download - this is both so that we can track usage, and also because some items may have limited licences or availability. If you wish to link directly to a file from your own site then submit a comment (not for publication) requesting a direct link to the file. Include detail of the site where you wish to publish it and the reason you want to use it. Generally we will be happy to oblige.

Here is the full list of categories and tags linked to their listing page:

Categories    Tags  
General   Agenda  
    - Publications   Article
Non-political   Circular
    - Green CND   CND
    - Green Gathering   Ecologist  
         - GG-Posters   Ecology Party
    - FoE   Election  
    - Greenpeace   Flyer
Political Organisations   Gathering
    - PEOPLE-MS   Green Party 
    - Ecology Party   Internal  
        - Election Leaflets   International
    - Oxford Ecology Movement   Leaflet  
    - Green Party   Letter 
    - International   Manifesto
    Press Release