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Advert 6
Agenda Formal agenda for a meeting 2
Article A complete article from a publication 16
Circular Distributed (often by post to all members of an organisation or group) letter. Usually dealing with a single topic (eg notice of a forthcoming meeting) and usually not more than one sheet (may be double sided) 15
Flyer A document typically distributed to publicise and event or action. Often single sided and small format, never more than a single sheet, never larger than A4. 16
Graphics 2
Internal Documents that were internal to an organisation. May have been circulated or available to the entire membership but not intended for public consumption 39
Leaflet More wordy document than a flyer, usually double sided, may be folded (especially if A4) for easy of delivery through letter boxes. 69
Letter One-to-one letter (may have been copied to a few extra people) 23
Magazine A multi page printed publication usually produced monthly or bimonthly. May overlap with newsletters but generally with higher production values 86
Manifesto Typically a multi page document setting out a range of intended political ambitions. May range from the modern short-form mini-manifesto summarising a position on a few pages, to the comprehensive full programme of action running to hundreds of pages (eg the full Green Party Manifesto for a Sustainable Society - MfSS) 20
Minutes Formal notes of a meeting 1
Newsletter A multi page document often distributed to members or supporters, occasionally given or sold to the public. Range from cheap duplicated typescript to full magazine production values. 78
Note Informal notes. May be handwritten (no OCR) and personal. 8
Offprint A page, or sometimes more, from a publication. Not a full length article - may be a news item or published letter to the editor. NB many offprints have been assigned to a specific organisation category, to see all the available items flagged as offprints see this page or click on the tag "offprint" under any document title. 18
Pamphlet A multi page document covering one particular subject or topic. Similar to an article in a publication but distributed on its own. 10
Poster Usually A4 or larger, intended for display in windows or noticeboards. Sometimes one side of a flyer or leaflet will also act as a poster 19
Press Cutting A cutting from a newspaper 3
Press Release Formal notice sent to media contacts and editors notifying an item of interest. 2
Report Examples might include a report to a meeting, of a meeting, of some research etc. Sometimes for internal consumption only or confidential, sometimes public. Not formal agendas or minutes of meetings and if a research report probably more detailed than a pamphlet or leaflet which may be published as a result of it. 2