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Informal notes. May be handwritten (no OCR) and personal.

PEOPLE NEC List 1974-5

Archived: July 2017

DocTypes: Internal Note

Sources: LW

Years: 1974

List of NEC members produced after the first (1974) Conference.

Constitutional Decisions June 1974 - Sept 1976

Archived: January 2018

DocTypes: Internal Note

Sources: PF

Years: 1976

Summary of constitutional decisions made by NEC from 21st June 74 meeting through till 4th April 1976. Labelled as all decisions in force at 1/9/76.

Nuclear Waste Transport comments March 1981

Archived: January 2019

DocTypes: Letter Note

Issues: Nuclear Power

Sources: SL

Years: 1981

Comments on Transport of Nuclear Waste report by Jean Lambert as London Region Co-ordinator

List of planned Green Gatherings 1983

Archived: May 2017

DocTypes: Internal Note

Events: Gathering

Sources: DT

Years: 1983

List of proposed Green Gathering dates from May to Sept 1983. 16 events listed plus a "Green Economic Gathering" in Cheltenham in Sept., 9 annotated in pencil as confirmed. Gives dates, title and organiser contact details (name, postal address and telephone for each event.

Molesworth Rainbow Fields Song

Archived: February 2017

DocTypes: Note

Issues: Peace

Sources: DT

Years: 1985

Song written by Brig in 1984/5 about the Molesworth Eviction based on the traditional "Digger's Song"

Chronology of London Party Formation '76-'77

Archived: January 2019

DocTypes: Internal Note

Sources: SL

Years: 1976 1977 1986

Handwritten note by SL dated 7/11/86 setting out key events in formation of the London Region Ecology Party.

Presumably written for a 10th Anniversary Party

OEM list of members Nov 1978

Original Correct Chronology paper from 1994

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