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Green Line 18 December 1983 – January 1984. Price 30p. 

Cover: Colour graphic “1984”.
Headlines: Mixed Greenham Demo, After Cruise, Raymond Williams, Britain rapes the Philippines

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-6 Raymond Williams interviewed by Jonathon Porritt part 1
  • p7 After Cruise by John Marjoram
  • p8 Green Europe by Roland Clarke
  • p9 Unilateralism Is Not Green by Mike Bell
  • p10-11 What Are We Actually defending by David Taylor
  • p11 Stop This Plantation by Richard Hunt (Palm Oil in the Philippines)
  • p12 Gathering the Greens by Peggy Bunt
  • p13-14 Letters including responses to Is Jesus Green (GL15)
  • p15 Networking – Women Only debates about Greenham
  • p16 Networking – mixed mass blockade proposed at Greenham
  • p17 Networking – call for women to come to Greenham Dec 11th
  • p18-19 General networking and green groups news
  • p20 Ads

Green Line 19 February 1984. Price 30p 

Cover: B&W photo of Soviet style statue with a woman behind three men with caption Polish women are two steps behind and almost invisible.
Headlines: SERA-GreenCND Conference, Raymond Williams, Poland in Winter, India

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 Poland in Winter report by Martin Stott of visit to Lodz
  • p5-7 Four views of the SERA-GreenCND Conference by Jenny Blake, John Morrissey, Ken Hawkins, Katy Zeserson
  • p7-8 In India report by Mike Hancock
  • p9-12 Raymond Williams interviewed by Jonathon Porritt part 2
  • p13-14 CND Conference report by Brig Oubridge
  • p14-17 Letters including response to Mike Bell (GL18) and Separatism issues (women only at Greenham)
  • p17 Review Man In The Natural World by Keith Thomas
  • p18-20 Network news

Green Line 20 March 1984Price 30p. 

Cover: Graphic of plants and roots with caption Fertility from the stones.
Headlines: Susan Griffin: Schumacher lecture, Action’84: will CND catch up? Free Jen Hutchinson

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-6 “Fertility from the Stones” by Larry Ephron
  • p7-8 “From a Greenham Woman in an American Court – HELP!” by Jean Hutchinson
  • p8-9 Reviews: “Eve and the New Jerusalem” by Barbara Taylor, “Energy for All” by Cathy King
  • p10-13 “Ideologies of Madness” by Susan Griffen part 1
  • p14 “For a Green EEC” by Steve Dawe
  • p15 “Getting Elected in May” by Mike Bell
  • p16 Letters
  • p17 Network news
  • p19 Green Groups news
  • p20 Ads 

Green Line 21 April 1984Price 30p.
Cover: Sunflower graphic
Headlines: David Blunkett: to rebuild Sheffield, Susan Griffen: Ideologies of Madness

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-6 David Blunkett in conversation with Roland Clarke
  • p7-9 Reviews: “Embrace the Earth” by Porritt et al, “Automation, Unemploymnet and the Distribution of Income” by Keith Roberts, “Ecology 2000” by Sir Edmund Hilary, “Black Women and the Peace Movement” by Wilmette Brown
  • p10-13 “Ideologies of Madness” by Susan Griffen part 2
  • p14-15 Letters including responses to Mike Bell in GL18 and GL20
  • p16 Ad
  • p17 & 19 Network news
  • p18 & 20 Ads

Green Line 22 May 1984Price 30p. 
Cover: Graphic of sunflower torn with caption Green Split
Headlines: Is the Ecology Party Played Out?, Sex and Gender

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 “Green Split” report of congress of European Green Parties by Roland Clarke
  • p5-7 “Dead Wood In A Green Forest” by Richard Oldfield criticism of the Ecology Party
  • p8 “View of Eco Conference” by Martin Stott
  • p8-9 “Eco or Green Groups” by Claire Phillips
  • p9 “Test Tube Babies” by SE London Women for Life on Earth
  • p10-11 “Sex and Gender” by Keith Motherson
  • p12-13 Reviews
  • p14-15 Letters
  • p16-18 Network news
  • p19 Green Groups news
  • p20 Ads

Green Line 23 June 1984Price 30p. 
Cover: Graphic soviet style posers with sunflowers and caption “Green Socialism
Headlines: Anarchist Themes, Porritt on Eco, Tatchell Interview, Earth Mysteries, Mothering

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3 “From Ecology to Economics” by Paul Ekins on the other economic summit (TOES)
  • p4-5 “Anarchy or Socialism” by Richard Hunt
  • p5 “Anarchy: the Christian connection” by Steve Smith
  • p6-7 “Green, Growing and Not for the Chop” by Jonathon Porritt
  • p8 “Madness of Ideologies a reflection” by Mark Kinzley
  • p9 “Earth Mysteries, a New Spirituality” by Patrick Vickers
  • p10-11 “The Meaning of Being A Mother Today” by Margli Matthews
  • p12-14 Peter Tatchell on Green Socialism
  • p15 “Remineralisation” by Harry Alderdale (response to Larry Ephron in GL20)
  • p16-17 Letters
  • 18-19 Network news
  • p20 Ads

Green Line 24 July 1984Price 30p. 
Cover: Graphic of policeman over meditating monk with caption Non-violence in India?
Headlines: Son of woman, Gandhi betrayed, Home education, Animal Lib is green. 

  • p2 Editorial Why does GL not have more women writers?.
  • p3-4 “Non-violence in India” by Mike Hancock
  • p5 “A Woman’s Right to Choose” by SE London Women for Life on Earth
  • p6 “A Reply to Mark Levene’s (negative) Review of Embrace the Earth” by Jenny Dean
  • p7-8 “Feminine/Masculine? No Thanks” by Keith Motherson
  • p9-10 “School is Not Compulsory” by Joan Hoare
  • p10-11 “Animal Liberation Is Green” by David Piper
  • p12-13 Reviews: Apocalypso Sunshine (cassette) by Planet Waves, The Fateful Triangle by Noam Chomsky, Environmental Groups in Politics by Lowe & Goyder.
  • p14-17 Letters including responses to the articles on Eco Party GL22 & 23 and Anarchy (GL23)
  • p18-19 Network news including Sizewell and Euro elections
  • p20 Ads

Green Line 25 Aug-Sept 1984Price 30p. 
Cover: Tipis and mountains with cation Uranium Mining
Headlines: Canada’s Indians: Nuclear Genocide, Disuniting the States, Green Gathering Lives!

  • p2 Editorial on Food & ads.
  • p3-5 Canadian Indians by John Graham
  • p5-6 “Dreaming Dimension” by Chris Farmer on Australian native worldview
  • p7-8 “One Earth One Humanity” by Andrea Mellows
  • p9-10 “! Was There” pieces by Patrick Whitefield on Green Gathering and Genevieve Bridgeman on Boscombe Down gathering.
  • p11-13 “Bioregionalism: disuniting the States” by Peter Berg
  • p12-13 “Ozarkia: The hippies take to the hills” by David Haenke
  • p13-14 “Shock! Horror! Ecosocialism Exposed!” by David Pepper
  • p14-15 “Green Movement Before Green Party” by David Taylor response to Porritt in GL23
  • p15 “Alternative Defence: Time to Transarm?” by Steve Foulger
  • p16 Letters including responses to GL24 editorial on women writers and Richard Oldfeld response to Porritt’s response to his article (GL23 & 22)
  • p17 Review: Fighting for Hope by Petra Kelly
  • p18-19 Network news including Molesworth Gathering announcement
  • p20 “Food: the Green Imperative” by Paul Appleby

Green Line 26 Oct 1984Price 30p. 
Cover; Graphic intertwined Yin-yang, anarchy and feminine symbols
Headlines: Authority and control: Green alternatives, FoE’s political dilemma, Gandhians or Gandians?, Greening David Owen

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-8 Four linked articles: “Change the System” by Sigrid Shayer, “Break Up Mass Society” by John Papworth, “Break the System” by Mike Hancock, Take Back Power” by Tony Mellows
  • p9 Ad for book “Seeing Green”
  • p10-11 “I was there” reports by Patrick Whitefield on Molesworth Gathering and Andy on Fairford Open Day protest.
  • p12-13 David Owen interviewed by Mike Bell
  • p14 “Campaign against the M40: a missed opportunity” by Joe Weston
  • p15-16 “Gandhians and Gandhians” by Geoffrey Ostergaard
  • p17 Letters
  • p18-19 Network news
  • p20 “Eating a Hole in the System” food column by Jon Carpenter

Green Line 27 Nov 1984Price 30p. 
Cover: Graphic of peace dove and sunflower
Headlines: Greens support the Miners, A future for trees?, Talking to Porritt, Molesworth Green Village

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3 & 19 “Greens Support the Miners” by Dave Mellor
  • p4-5 “A Future for Forests?” by Kay Wedgbury report of 3 day conference
  • p6-7 “The Firewood Crisis” by Alistair Danter
  • p8 “Politics of the Land” by Bruce Mackenzie
  • p9 “In Defence of Daintree” by Ian Cohen and John Seed
  • p10-11 Jonathon Porritt interviewed by Jon Carpenter
  • p12-13 “Molesworth Green Village” by David Taylor
  • p14-15 Reviews: Green Politics by Fritjef Capra, Future War by Frank Barnaby,
  • p16-17 Letters: response to Gandhi (GL26), more on the Eco debate
  • p18-19 Network news
  • p20 “Agricrisis” food column by Oona Murphy and Sourdough recipe

Green Line 28 Dec '84 – Jan '85Price increased to 40p. 
Cover: Graphic starving mother and child with caption Dying For You To Have A Happy Christmas
Headlines: Famine: death by design, Molesworth in pictures, Nitrate pollution, Festive recipes

  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-4 “Famine: Death by Design” by Jon Carpenter
  • p5 “Shades of Green” by Chris Savoryreporting on French greens
  • p6-7 “New Age or old $tory?” by Martin Stott on an economic conference
  • p6 “Eco and the Miners” by Patrick Whitefield
  • p7 “All Against Nukes” by Jan McHarry on international anti-nuke conference
  • p8 &13 Photo spread of Molesworth Harvets for Hungry in October
  • p9-12 “Nitrate Pollution: Prevention or Cure?” pull-out report by Bob Allen
  • p14 “Mutlangen-Bonn” peace march report by Caroline
  • p15 Letters
  • p16-18 Network news including Molesworth Rainbow Village report by Brig Oubridge
  • p19 Festive recipes
  • p20 “I Believe” credo by Richard St Barbe Baker