Green Line 25 August-September 1984

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Years: 1984

Year: 1984

Source: Scan from Tim Andrewes personal archive

Archived: January 2018


Cover: Tipis and mountains with cation Uranium Mining
Headlines: Canada’s Indians: Nuclear Genocide, Disuniting the States, Green Gathering Lives!



  • p2 Editorial on Food & ads.
  • p3-5 Canadian Indians by John Graham
  • p5-6 “Dreaming Dimension” by Chris Farmer on Australian native worldview
  • p7-8 “One Earth One Humanity” by Andrea Mellows
  • p9-10 “! Was There” pieces by Patrick Whitefield on Green Gathering and Genevieve Bridgeman on Boscombe Down gathering.
  • p11-13 “Bioregionalism: disuniting the States” by Peter Berg
  • p12-13 “Ozarkia: The hippies take to the hills” by David Haenke
  • p13-14 “Shock! Horror! Ecosocialism Exposed!” by David Pepper
  • p14-15 “Green Movement Before Green Party” by David Taylor response to Porritt in GL23
  • p15 “Alternative Defence: Time to Transarm?” by Steve Foulger
  • p16 Letters including responses to GL24 editorial on women writers and Richard Oldfeld response to Porritt’s response to his article (GL23 & 22)
  • p17 Review: Fighting for Hope by Petra Kelly
  • p18-19 Network news including Molesworth Gathering announcement
  • p20 “Food: the Green Imperative” by Paul Appleby


5 A3 sheets printed double sided and folded to give 20 pages.