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Contents for 1982 issues are below. Click title to go to download page for the issue, click cover for larger popup image.

Green Line #1 March 1982. Price 25p.
Cover headlines: Brandt’s Con Trick, Why Molesworth, Feminism & Ecology, Direct Democracy & the Dual Approach positioned around graphic.
Four A3 sheets folded to A4 to give 16 pages. Not stapled, Outer sheet pale cream. Printed black, no greyscale
Innermost sheet makes 4 page pullout numbered pp i-iv.

  • p2. Editorial including EP search for new logo
  • p3 Rito Tinto Stinks by Brig Oubridge
  • p4-5 The Greens are Gathering by David Taylor
  • p6-7 Feminism & Ecology: the Connections by Stephanie Leland
  • p8-9 Embracing the Feminine by Angela Needhamm at Molesworth Peace Camp
  • p10 Grassroots: Roundup of EP branch activity
  • p11 Santa in Ecotopia report of Eco Christmas Fair in Oxford
  • p12 Short news items: Greenham Common, Green Students, Life Style Movement, CLEAR Handbook
  • p i – iv Brandt Report Con Trick. 3 ½ side background paper from EP ‘Third World Working Party’ written by Richard Hunt.

Green Line #2. April-May 1982. Price 25p.
No cover headline. Drawing of giant sunflower with parade of placards beneath.
Three A3 sheets folded to give 12 A4 pages. Not stapled. Outer sheet pale cream. Printed black, no greyscale.

  • p2 Editorial and small ads
  • p3 'Conference Talk' report on EP policy conference in Bridlington by Jon Carpenter
  • p4-5 'The Media – Getting in there'. Summary of talk given by BBC local radio manager to FoE Oxford.
  • p6-7 'Theories of Unemployment part 1:Historical background' by Tim Cooper
  • p8 Reviews: 'Revolt from the Centre' by Niels Meyer. 'Nuclear Weapons – the way ahead' by Ronald Gaskell
  • p9 Letters and useful resources
  • p10 Grassroots: Roundup of EP branch activity
  • p11 Election Reports
  • p12 Short news items: Women march to Brawdy, Greenham peace festival, March for animals, Peace fast, Green Gathering, Frankfurt airport expansion

Green Line #3. June 1982. Price 25p.
Cover headline: ‘If you want peace prepare for war peace’ below graphic.
Four A3 sheets folded to give 16 pages. Not stapled. Outer sheet pink. Printed black, no greyscale.

  • p2 Editorial, small ads, Peace tipis, Student ecology Movement
  • p3 ‘Cabbages will not grow from Rape seed’ – the green cultivation of peace by Jenny Carpenter. ‘Doctors against the Bomb’ by Barbara Cowie
  • p4 ‘Dividing Lines’ by Richard Oldfield (response to D.Taylor in issue 1)
  • p5 ‘Messing about in Votes’ by Peter Cadogan
  • p6 ‘We must risk all’, report from US by Chris Savory
  • p7 ‘France: Back to Square One’ by Sara Parkin. ‘As others see us: the Russian View’ (reprint).
  • p8-9 ‘Theories of Unemployment part 2: the varied solutions’ by Tim Cooper
  • p10 ‘Is the Party Over?’ Five short pieces by John Morrissey, Robin Smith, David Taylor, John Valentine and Sally Willington
  • p11 ‘Fallicies of trade’ by Richard Hunt
  • p12 Reviews: Nuclear Barons by Michael Joseph, Disarmament by John Ferguson
  • p12-13 Letters. Grassroots: Roundup of EP branch activity
  • p14-15 Elections report and comment
  • p15 Green Gathering details

Green Line #4 July-August 1982Price 25p.
Cover headline: ‘The Greens are Gathering’ graphic around a sunflower.
Four A3 sheets folded to give 16 pages. Not stapled. Outer sheet yellow. Printed black, centrefold greyscale photos of 81 Gathering.

  • p2 Editorial and small ads
  • p3 ‘Petra Kelly and the anti-party party’. Condensed version of german interview translated and edited by Jon Carpenter
  • p4 ‘Victory for Gurnsey Green!’ election of Peter Roffey to Gurnsey non-politcal party Parliament
  • p5-6 ‘The Greens are Gathering’ article from the Green Collective
  • p7 Short news items: Local control of FoE, Election Alternatives, SERA’s Consensus
  • p8-9 Spread of photos from 81 Summer Gathering and handwritten  declaration by Russell Means
  • p10-11 ‘Gathering Themes’ background to four of the themes for the Green Gathering
  • p12 ‘Taking Back the Power – the theory of non-violence’ by Trevor Houghton
  • p13 ‘Hard Rock’ civil defence exercise. ‘Sizewell’ report on activities.
  • p14 ‘Spraying Death’ by Richard Carder. ‘Eco-Action’ by Alistair Danter
  • p15 Reviews: ‘Fuelling the Nuclear Arms Race’ by Shelia Durie & Rob Edwards and ‘Atoms for War’ by Howard Clarke. ‘Socialism and Ecology’ by Raymond Williams. ‘Ecology for Beginners’ by Croall & Rankin
  • p16 ‘Gathering Guide’ the programme for the Green Gathering

Green Line #5 September 1982. Price 25p.
Cover headline: ‘Peace Camps’ over graphic.
Four A3 sheets folded to give 16 pages. Not stapled. Outer sheet blue. Printed greyscale with photos on most pages.

  • p2 Editorial
  • p3-7 ‘Peace Camps’ by Bruce Garrard review of current activity with some photos.
  • p8 ‘Test Track? Nein Danke’ by Roland Clarke
  • p9 ‘International Peace Solidarity’ by Roger Winter. ‘Green CND AGM report.
  • p10 spread of photos from Green Gathering 1982
  • p11 Gathering report. Bath Environmental fair report. Young Greens.
  • p12 ‘Peace Movement in the USA’ by Chris Savory
  • p13 ‘Marginal Lands’ by Laurence Main
  • p14 ‘The Message is Getting Through…Just’ text of Prince Charles’s address to The Conservation Society. Eco member drive. ‘My Beautiful Dollars’ Poland and debt by Richard Hunt
  • p15 Reviews: ‘The Costs of Nuclear Power’ by Colin Sweet. ‘Pornography & Silence’ by Susan Griffin.
  • p16 ‘Green Declaration’ text from the Gathering. See editorial p2.

Green Line #6 October 1982. Price 30p.
Cover headline: ‘ Revolution: Red or Green? Bahro joins Die Grunen’
Four A3 sheets folded to give 16 pages. Not stapled. Outer sheet green. Printed black, no greyscale.

  • p2 Editorial, Rudolf Bahro introduction
  • p3 Greennews: March on Upper Heyford, M40 Inquiry, and other bits
  • p4 International News: Mexico, E.Germany, Lebanon, The Falklands, Survival of Europe.
  • p5 ‘Mrs Castle, the EEC & the Greens’ by Jon Carpenter. also continuation of back cover article.
  • p6 ‘Growing Together – towards associative agriculture’ by Roland Clarke
  • p7 ‘Are you a Green Internationalist’ by Peter Cadogan
  • p8-9 ‘Revolution: Red or Green?’ by Rudolf Bahro.
  • p10 ‘Bahro on the Eco-crisis’ from a speech at Die Grunen founding conference 1980
  • p11 ‘Find a Green Sound’ by john Doughill
  • p12 ‘Labour Policies on Green issues’ extract from report in SERA News. ‘Lead Risks’ from CLEAR.
  • p13 EP reports: Cheltenham Greens and Bridlington Conference.
  • p14 Reviews on nuclear arms issues: ‘Nuclear Weapons – UN report’, ‘The Arms Race and Arms Control’, ‘As Lambs to the Slaughter’, ‘Overkill’, ‘London after the Bomb’
  • p15 Letters
  • p16 ‘Your Organisation Man’ outgoing EP General Secretary Paul Ekins reflects on 2 years at the helm. Small ads and small news items.

Green Line #7 November 1982Price 30p.
Cover headline: ‘Defence Special’ below graphic of seedling.
Five A3 sheets folded to give 20 pages. Not stapled. Outer sheet pale yellow. Printed black, one photo p13 poorly reproduced. Centre sheet pull-out on Defence issues.

  • p2 Editorial
  • p3-4 ‘Red and Green in Europe’ by Roland Clarke
  • p5-6 ‘FoE Tests the Waters’ summary of FoE assessment of Labour & Eco employment policies
  • p7 ‘Permaculture’ by Penny Strange
  • p8 ‘Green Fortunes’ by Malcolm Samuel
  • p9-12 ‘Defence’ pull-out section. ‘Die Grunen – Social Defence’, ‘Pacifism or Pragmatism’, ‘Social Defence for Change’, ‘CND: Deaf to the Greens’, ‘Green-Peace Alliance’
  • p13-14 ‘CND Round-up’ by Bruce Garrard
  • p15 tails from articles that overran their page
  • p16-17 ‘Bahro at Bridlington’ text of Rudolph Bahro’s speech to EP conference (transcribed by Freda Chapman)
  • p18 Reviews: ‘Land for People’ by Claire Whittemore. ‘Power to elect’ by Enid Lakeman.
  • p19 Letters
  • p20 Small Ads. ‘Die Grunen slammed’ critique by Harry Kemp

Green Line #8. December 1982 - January 1983. Price 30p.
Cover headline "A Place For Us All" under graphic of the wild world.
Four A3 sheets folded to give 16 pages. Not stapled. Outer sheet printed green and purple on white on outside, remainder black on white, innermost sheet pull-out poster "March with the Greens" printed yellow and black on white.

  • p2 Editorial & ads. Last issue sold out, print order now 1200
  • p3 ‘Come Join In the Angels Naked March’ by Jenny Carpenter
  • p4 ‘Conservation in Oregon’ by Geraldine Goller
  • p5 ‘Ecoropa on Defence’ by David Taylor
  • p6 ‘Under No Umbrella But The Sky’ by Keith Motherson on the Green Gathering
  • p7 ‘Green CND Gaining Strength’ by David Taylor
  • p8-9 pull out poster “March With The Greens”
  • p10-11 ‘Personal Growth: Life-skills for Radical Change. On Violence’ by Robert Fielder
  • p11 ‘The Basques Are Greening’ translated from a Basque Left Wing Paper
  • p12 CND Roundup. Greenline editorial
  • p13-14 Reviews: ‘Food or Growth – who is starving them?’ by Ecology Party. ‘Is there a Case for Nuclear Power?’ by Sir Martin Ryle. ‘Mystics r Mechanics – Schumacher lecture in Bristol
  • p15-16 Letters including response to Paul Ekins (GL6) and SDP/CND Split.