Green Line 04 July-Aug 1982

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Years: 1982

Year: 1982

Source: Scan from Tim Andrewes personal archive

Archived: December 2017


Cover headline: ‘The Greens are Gathering’ graphic around a sunflower.



p2 Editorial and small ads
p3 ‘Petra Kelly and the anti-party party’. Condensed version of german interview translated and edited by Jon Carpenter
p4 ‘Victory for Gurnsey Green!’ election of Peter Roffey to Gurnsey non-politcal party Parliament
p5-6 ‘The Greens are Gathering’ article from the Green Collective
p7 Short news items: Local control of FoE, Election Alternatives, SERA’s Consensus
p8-9 Spread of photos from 81 Summer Gathering and handwritten  declaration by Russell Means
p10-11 ‘Gathering Themes’ background to four of the themes for the Green Gathering
p12 ‘Taking Back the Power – the theory of non-violence’ by Trevor Houghton
p13 ‘Hard Rock’ civil defence exercise. ‘Sizewell’ report on activities.
p14 ‘Spraying Death’ by Richard Carder. ‘Eco-Action’ by Alistair Danter
p15 Reviews: ‘Fuelling the Nuclear Arms Race’ by Shelia Durie & Rob Edwards and ‘Atoms for War’ by Howard Clarke. ‘Socialism and Ecology’ by Raymond Williams. ‘Ecology for Beginners’ by Croall & Rankin
p16 ‘Gathering Guide’ the programme for the Green Gathering


4 A3 sheets folded to give 16 pages. Not stapled. Outer sheet yellow. Printed black, centrefold greyscale photos of 1981 Gathering.