Green Line 26 October 1984

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General: GreenLine

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Years: 1984

Year: 1984

Source: Scan from Tim Andrewes personal archive

Archived: January 2018


Cover; Graphic intertwined Yin-yang, anarchy and feminine symbols
Headlines: Authority and control: Green alternatives, FoE’s political dilemma, Gandhians or Gandians?, Greening David Owen



  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3-8 Four linked articles: “Change the System” by Sigrid Shayer, “Break Up Mass Society” by John Papworth, “Break the System” by Mike Hancock, Take Back Power” by Tony Mellows
  • p9 Ad for book “Seeing Green”
  • p10-11 “I was there” reports by Patrick Whitefield on Molesworth Gathering and Andy on Fairford Open Day protest.
  • p12-13 David Owen interviewed by Mike Bell
  • p14 “Campaign against the M40: a missed opportunity” by Joe Weston
  • p15-16 “Gandhians and Gandhians” by Geoffrey Ostergaard
  • p17 Letters
  • p18-19 Network news
  • p20 “Eating a Hole in the System” food column by Jon Carpenter


5 A3 sheets printed double sided and folded to give 20 pages.