Documents in the archive on this site are tagged by type and source and selected keywords as well as being organised into categories.

To see all documents supplied by David Taylor you can either use this index and click on the "David Taylor" entry below, or click on the "Srce-DT" tag name under the document title on any item that is tagged as being supplied by David. Either way you will get a complete list, in date order, of everything tagged as a newsletter across the entire archive.

Unfortunately at the moment there is no filtering or combining facility on tags (we are working on it) so you can't get a single list of all leaflets and flyers, or all newsletters sourced by David Taylor.

Document Source Tags:

Click the tag name to get a list of all documents tagged as that supplied by that person. 

Tag (Srce-) Description
AC Anthony Cheke 
BG Bruce Garrard
BH Brian Heatley
DT David Taylor
EC Ecologist Archive
LW Lesley Whittaker
MB Michael Benefield
OD Owly Dave 
PC Peter Cox 
PF Pete Frings 
SH Sheffield GP 
TA Tim Andrewes

There are also tags for the type of a document and some common topics that cut across organisation categories.