Secondary sources and references for individual items

(unsorted list. Please note these links may expire as websites disappear or change in the future. If you find something important to you please take a local copy to preserve)

Always be aware that any information on the internet (including most of this website) should be treated as unreliable opinion and hearsay unless it is extensively cross-referenced to primary sources.

References for articles on this site can be found in a box at the end of the article. (Some early articles are not fully referenced yet - Dec'17)


  • Teddy Goldsmith obituary.
  • Teddy Goldsmith website.
  • Jeremy Faull obituary in Guardian.
  • Tony Whittaker obituary.
  • Sid Rawles obituary in Guardian.
    DT comment: "... has many errors, mainly to do with Sid being credited with setting up things he didn’t set up, which seems to be something he achieves in death as well as life... I know for a fact that he didn’t set up the first green gathering at Worthy Farm or the Rainbow Village at Molesworth because I did!  I’ve looked up Sid’s Wikipedia entry and it’s equally inaccurate... Neither mention the fact that he was a member of the Ecology Party."
  • Global Greens website history pages.
    These contain (Aug 2016) many serious errors. Benfield and others have been quite scathing about the inaccuracies. Treat with extreme caution until corrected. We are not linking to them at present.
    There are history pages for other countries' green movements here as well but given the known poor state of the UK pages we can not recommend them.
  • Green Gathering history.  A useful broad brush summary. Some inaccuracies in early details as memories diverge.
  • Wikipedia - where wikipedia has been used as a secondary source we have tried to include a link at the end of the article. Although generally wikipedia articles seem to be accurate always check the references and be aware that an article may have been mostly authored by someone (even if unconsciously) promoting a particular point of view of the subject.