A lot of more or less formally constituted organisations and informal groups came together at various stages during the development of the green movement. Here we list a sample of some significant ones in chronological order of founding. 

Name Start Notes
The Fawcett Society 1866 to today
The Sierra Club 1892 to today
The Ecological Society of America 1915 to today
Oxfam 1942 to today
The Soil Association 1946 to today
CND 1957 to today
The Conservation Corps 1959 became British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) to today
World Wildlife Fund 1969 to today
Primitive People's Fund (Survival International) 1969 to today
Oxford Ecology Action 1971 First EA group in UK, Ecology Action originated in US in 1969
Friends of the Earth UK 1971 US parent founded 1969, to today
Movement for Survival 1972 Merged into PEOPLE 1973/4
PEOPLE 1973 Renamed as Ecology Party 1975
Socialist Environment & Resources Association (SERA) 1973 to today
Ecology Party 1975 Renamed as Green Party 1985
Oxford Political Ecology Research Group (PERG) 1976 to about 1990
Oxford Ecology Movement 1978 Disolved after 1979 election
Greenpeace UK 1977 US/Canada parent founded 1969-71, to today
Green CND 1975 to 1985
The Green Collective 1982 to 1987
GreenLine Magazine 1982 to late 1990s 
SDP Greens 1983 SDP merged with Liberal Party 1988 by which time SDP Greens had finished
The Green Party 1985 to 1990
The Green Party of England and Wales 1990  Renamed after Scotland and Northern Ireland formed separate Green Parties, to today