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  • CND

    CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), 1957 to today. Founded by Bertrand Russel and others. Both political and

  • Conservation Corps

    The Conservation Corps, 1959 became British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) to today

  • Ecological Society of America

    The Ecological Society of America, 1915 to today. The first professional organisation for Ecological Scientists.

  • Fawcett Society

    The Fawcett Society, 1866 to today. Initially primarily concerned with votes for women and equality issues these fed directly into the important eco-feminist strand in green thinking rising up

  • FoE-UK

    Friends of the Earth UK, 1971 to today. FoE originated in USA in 1969 during the run up to the first Earth Day.

  • Green CND

    Green CND, 1975 to 1985. Responsible for some of the resurgence of CND in the late 70s and became the more radical, direct action orientated wing of CND. Clashed with the main CND establishment

  • Green Collective

    The Green Collective, 1981-1987. Breakaway from Ecology Party initially to organise movement wide gatherings to bring together diverse parts of the green movement. A collective run on anarchist

  • Greenpeace-UK

    Greenpeace UK, 1977 to today. Parent organisation founded in Canada in founded 1969-71,

  • MS

    Movement for Survival. 1972-1973. Not to be confused with MfSS (Manifesto for Sustainable Society)

  • Other Campaigns

  • Oxfam

    Oxfam, 1942 to today. Founded in Oxford by a group of Quakers, social activists and academics. Initially focusing

  • OxfordEA

    Oxford Ecology Action, 1971 First EA group in UK, Ecology Action originated in US in 1969

  • PERG

    Political Ecology Research Group

  • Political

    Explicitly political organisations and parties

  • PPF

    Primitive People's Fund.  1969 to 1972 - became Survival International and continues to today. Founding committee included Teddy Goldsmith, Robin Hanbury-Tenison, Jean Leidoff and Peter Bunyard

  • Sierra Club

    The Sierra Club, 1892 to today. Founded by Scottish preservationist John Muir. Possibly the first environmental organisation in the world – wilderness preservation and promoting responsible use of


    Women for Life on Earth

  • WWF

    World Wildlife Fund (WWF), 1969 to today. Concerned with wilderness preservation and the reduction of human