This poem summing up the ethos of the Green Collective was published in the final issue of the Collective Mailing winter 1988-89. 

A good collective

is - extatic, pneumatic, erratic,
      has bats in its attic,
is - electric, eccentric, eclectic,
      never misses a trick,
is - dynamic, anti-cyclic, anti-panic,
      perseveres, through thin and thick,
is - organic, pranic, magic,
fits every Tom, Harry and Dick,
(also Sue, Diana and Vic),

A good collective sometimes flies,
Stays with it when grounded,

A good collective dots its eyes
And knows when it's surrounded,

A good collective sees and hears and smells and knows it,

A good collective has a nose and when it runs it blows it,

A good collective laughs and cries,

A good collective never dies.


Long live the Green Collective.

Poppy Green