In the early years where and when Eco/Green candidates stood was determined by who was willing and where they happened to live, and successes were often due to purely local conditions. More details of the number of candidates standing and an overview of the results can be found in related articles (see panel on the right)

This page only lists greens who were elected to local councils. After the first few years it becomes almost impossible to track where green parish and town councillors were elected as no central records have been kept, so they are not listed except where in some way noteworthy. 







 John Luck  Rother District (Sussex)  Rye Ward First Principal Authority Councillor. Elected third in three seat ward with 6 candidates. Lost in 1979.


John Davenport

Kempsey, Worcestershire

Kempsey Parish Council

First Ecology parish councillor - many others have since held parish and town council seats but there is no authoritative record of all. A separate page here will cover Parish and Town Councils in more detail


Jeremy Faull

Cornwall County

Withiel Division, Bodmin

First County Councillor. Lost the seat in the next election and then won it back again the time after.


Peter Christie

 Bideford Town  Bideford Went on to win seat on District council in 1991 and has held it ever since. Our longest serving councillor if you include the Town Council. Was also the first ever Green Mayor in the UK in 1985 

John Marjoram

 Stroud District  Trinity Ward Has been re-elected 10 times since, also sitting on Stroud Town Council and having been Stroud Mayor. Our longest serving councillor in a single seat.

Richard Lawson

Woodspring District, Avon Congresbury Ward Held seat until 1991 when succeeded by Rosie Knifton and then Tom Liemdorfer in 2003 who is still the councillor there. The longest continuously Green seat with different councillors.