an alternative humorous view of the Green Gathering

In 1983 a young author and illustrator called Pete Loveday found himself at the infamous Green Gathering at Lamberts Hill Farm. 

{modal url="images/ArticleImages/General/pl0001-RussellIntro.jpg"}{/modal}His experiences inspired him to go ahead and produce his first full length comic book featuring "Russell - the saga of a peaceful man".

After encounters with various aspects of the alternative/green scene in his home town Russell decides he needs to get away and sets off to hitchhike to "The Verdant Venue".

Each day in the run-up to this year's Green Gathering at Chepstow starting from Monday 9th July we will bring you another episode from Russell's adventures as he experiences "The Verdant Venue" - a festival you will find strangely familiar if you have ever visited any Green Gathering.