Article Updates

This section contains information about new and updated articles.


On the right the six most recent articles by creation date. Below the occasional articles giving details of the changes since the previous article. New update articles are generated either monthly or when there a number of new items to show. In between times the current update article gets updated.

We have missed four years worth of article updates - admittedly there are not very many as nothing new was published between January 2019 and March 2022.

Here's a rough listing of new articles since May 2018 (excludes news items and administrivia)

  • Ecologist Responses to Blueprint - 2nd May 2022 - reprints of the various response to Blueprint that were published in The Ecologist during the first few months of 1972. Includes a wide range of largely, but not exclusively, favourable comments. The those pre-internet days this was the equivalent of the comments on social media, but responses could only be published when the magazine came out each month, so there was less knee-jerk responses and flaming.
  • A Teach-in for Survival - 30th March 2022 - article about a public "Teach-In" in May 1972 organised by students at Queen Elizabeth's College , London about the implications of "Blueprint"
  • Sometimes the Present takes Priority 26th March 2019 - GH Blog post about the lack of activity on Green History. Which then continued, aside from the two articles linked above, until March 2023.
  • Greens in the UK in 1984 - a US view - 9th February 2019 - partial reprint from, and commentary on, an article in Harbinger, as US Eco Magazine in 1984
  • Ten Years After - the EP in '83 - 8th January 2018 - review and commentary on various pieces in the archive celebrating 10 years of the Ecology Party
  • Environment and Ecology - 12th December 2018 - GH Blog post about the distinction between Environment(alism) and Ecology(ism)

Prior to this there was a fairly constant stream of new articles and document archive items.