EP Pamphlets

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Small multi-page documents (more than a single sheet folded) longer than a leaflet, usually covering a single topic.

EP Short Statement of Aims

Archived: February 2019

DocTypes: Pamphlet

Sources: SL

Years: 1975

Pamphlet No 1 produced by Ecology Party in Nov.1975 setting out the aims and policies of the Ecology Party

An Introduction to the Ecology Party pamphlet

The Ecology Party pamphlet 1978

Archived: February 2019

DocTypes: Pamphlet

Issues: Nuclear Power

Years: 1978

12 page booklet produced by Devon Ecology Party as an introduction to Ecology and the Ecology Party. Includes a covering letter send to Steve Lambert of London Ecology Party encouraging them to order copies for distribution. Scan is missing pages 2-5 inclusive on Ecology.

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