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Windscale Appeal flyer 1977

Archived: February 2019

DocTypes: Flyer

Issues: Nuclear Power

Sources: SL

Flyer appealing for funds to put up strong anti-nuclear presentation of evidence to the public enquiry into BNFLs proposals to reprocess waste at Windscale to extract plutonium.

Vegan Society leaflet 1983

Archived: February 2019

Sources: CM

Years: 1983

"World Tragedy: 300 Jumbo Jet Crashes Every Day". Animal farming and human famine. Plants can feed the world.

Huntingdon Green Launch flyer 1983

Huntingdon Greens Constitution Nov 1983

Archived: February 2019

DocTypes: Internal

Sources: DT

Years: 1983

Huntingdon Greens were constituted outside the poltical party (then Ecology) as an independent group

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