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Flyer for Seeing Green by J.Porritt

Archived: February 2019

DocTypes: Flyer Advert

Sources: CM

Years: 1984

Flyer for Jonathon Porritt's new book Seeing Green. Distributed as insert with EcoNews #23

Proposal for a book by Richard Oldfield 1991

Archived: May 2017

Sources: DT

Proposal for a book by Richard Oldfield to review state of green movement based on the history to 1991. Includes a sample chapter. The book was never completed. Only available to registered users of this website or by request to info@green-history.uk

Out of the Blue: The Politics of the Green Party

Archived: November 2018

DocTypes: Article

Sources: AP

Paper by Andrew Pearmain reviewing the performance of the Green Party in the 1989 European Election and its background and implications. See introductory article for synopsis.

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