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As the size of the online archive slowly grows we are constantly trying to improve the way you can sift through both the archive and the articles to find material of interest.

Both documents in the library and articles on the site are arranged into categories, which provide a hierarchical view, and are tagged so that items can be linked together across categories. In addition articles are arranged in a sequence within a category and can be linked to related articles anywhere on the site.

The categories and tags used for articles and documents are not exactly the same and are not currently shared across the two different types of content. This is a limitation that we hope to improve with time, the problem being that document filing and access is handled by a different system to the article display and the two systems (currently) have separate tagging and categorising facilities.

In general we are moving away from the rigid hierarchy of categories as the primary organisational structure for both articles and documents, but for now the category system remains in place, although increasingly you will find a tag with the same name as a category.

That is an overview, but to go into more detail we will discuss Articles and Documents separately.