Support our Autumn Appeal

Thanks to your generous response to our Crowdfunder in March 2018 we raised enough money to put the website on a secure footing for the next two years. 

Now we are starting to focus on the running costs and future development costs.

Our Autumn Appeal has two primary objectives -

  • upgrading to a A3 flatbed scanner to enable us to bring larger format items into the library. Specifically we have a set of 1980s Econews and many local newsheets which were produced on A3 newspaper style and we would like to make these available to you
  • We now have a significant backlog of material needing scanning and we would like to hire some help with this work. We will be offering £8 cash per hour to recruit a student in in NE Cornwall to do the work and we need to fund this.

There are also some further extensions to the project which we would like to move forward with - full details of these and the above items are on the main fundraiser page - but you could simply donate now with the button below - our target is a modest £600 for the basic costs and a stretch goal of a further £1300 to cover further developments over the coming year.

Thank you for your support

You might also be interested in our future plans for taking the project to the next level.