If you have been involved in an aspect of the Green Movement in the UK since 1972 we would love to hear from you.

Whether you were an early member of one of the organisations, or have been an activist at any stage in either the political or direct-action side of the movement, or simply took part you have important lessons to pass on.

If we do not learn from the past we are condemned to repeat our failures - it is vital to pass on your knowledge to the next generation.

We welcome people to join as contributors - this can simply be to comment on published articles and to review draft articles before publication, or you can have access to write articles, upload documents and images, edit content, help with improving the design and structure of the site and archives - as much as you have time and skills for.  


As a contributor you can add comments to any page or item on this site - to do this you need to register as a user completing the joining form here. It is helpful if you can indicate whether you will be commenting as a participant who remembers the 1970s and 1980s or as a younger commentator who can provide the relevance to the situation today. You will get an email back telling you how to login and once logged in a link or form to add a comment will appear on each item.

You can also simply submit one-off comments by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Keep it brief and be very clear which article or page you wish the comment to appear against - include a link in the email. Also include your real name and contact details (not for publication). Once approved we will add your comment under your name (anonymous or alias contributions are not accepted)

Articles for publication

You can contribute an article (or articles) on your experience or memories either by submitting them by email, or if you have joined as a contributor we can give you rights as an author or editor to write online.

Articles need to between up to 500 words long, more than 2000 words becomes a bit unwieldy and might merit breaking into two or more chunks. If submitting electronic copies then Word (docx) or Open Office (odf) formats are preferred, but you can simply put plain text in an email. Do not worry about layout - we will edit as required to meet the style of the site. If the article is to be published under your own name then we will only edit with a light touch (typos etc) and offer you approval before publication.

If you would rather not publish your name then we may need to make more detailed changes.

It is very good to include illustrations or photos if at all possible - send these as separate files rather than embedding them in the text. Indicate where they should go by including instructions in square brackets - eg [insert photo of banner here] ideally highlighted in yellow.

Resources - Leaflets and flyers

If you have paper copies of old flyers, leaflets or posters and you can scan them and save as PDF then simply email them in with a description of the material in the accompanying email. Please send separate emails for each item. Be sure to provide a date and source for the material. If it was publicly available at the time then we will add it to the public resources crediting you as the source.

If you do not have the facility to scan documents yourself then we can arrange to do it for you. Please contact us by email with a phone number and we will call to discuss the best way to ensure safe transfer and return of your precious originals.

Anything pre 1990 is unlikely to be available as an electronic original anymore. If you have original electronic copies and can save them in a current format then by all means send them by email, if you can no longer read the old wordproccessor or DTP formats then send us details and we will see what we can do.

Resources - Other documents

Documents which were not originally available to the public can be included with the permission of the author (if known). They can either be made publicly available or placed in the secure private document area and restricted to bona-fide researchers. Personal correspondence (letters and emails) of historical interest should usually be treated like this. Private documents can have conditions for access imposed (eg researcher needs to contact you for permission to view and use)

Resources - Photos

Photos of events or people of historic interest need to be submitted as JPG images. Prints can often be scanned ok, we also have some equipment for scanning slides and negatives in moderate (not studio) quality - contact us before sending slides or negatives. If scanning please ensure that the photo is in line with the edges of the scanner frame. Please only attach one photo per email and be sure to include a date and description of the content and the name of the copyright owner (yourself if you took the picture). We will reduce the resolution of oversized images to a maximum width of 1280 pixels and height of 768 pixels.

Resources - Posters

The best way to submit posters is to take a photograph of them with a modern digital camera. Smart phones tend to have wide angle lenses which may distort the image. Tack the image on a plain background (a white wall) and make sure it is evenly illuminated, if it has a gloss finish pay particular attention to reflections. Ensure the poster is vertical and hold the camera level directly in front of the middle of the poster. Step forward or back so that the poster fits in the frame with a border showing all around. We can crop the photo to the original poster and also make minor colour adjustments if needed. Email us the photo with a description of the poster (where and when it was used).

Editorial and Technical Help

As well as authors we would welcome additional people to join the collective as editors or technical admins for the site. If you can spot, misplaced commas and greengrocers apostrophe's, correct spellings misteaks and tyqos, improved author's convoluted and long winded wordy text, edit images and graphics, know or want to learn the Joomla content management system used on this site we would love to hear from you. As always send us an email outlining how your skills and how would like to help - there can be as much or as little work for you as you would like.