Green Collective Mailing 01 Mar-Apl'84

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DocTypes: Newsletter

Events: Gathering

Sources: DT

Years: 1984

Year: 1984

Source: scan from David Taylor personal archive

Archived: August 2017


Introductory editorial by Bruce Garrard. General news including continuing fallout from 1983 Lamberts Farm Gathering and implications for Glastonbury Festival. Introducing the Green Field at Glastonbury Festival. History of the Gatherings so far. Article by Mike Bell on Designing the Future. Reviews of Heart-Land and Embrace the Earth booklets. Print of Collective Constitution (not labelled draft)



7 sheets double sided A4 coloured paper printed with Roneo type duplicator. Single A5 one side 'stop press' insert announcing cancellation of a meeting. Typescript reproduction less than ideal. OCR's but not checked against original.