Ecology Party Alliance Newsletter #2 Sept 1975

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Years: 1975

Year: 1975

Source: recovered from M. Benfield's personal archive online

Archived: January 2018


Alliance issue 2. "The Catalyst for Alternatives and All Who Seek To Live In Harmony With Nature". Not branded as Ecology Party on the front but contains NEC report on page 21-22. Cover price 25p, subscription $3.75 for 10 issues including post.



Contents: Diary. Articles: Triage, Waste Salvage, Environmental Democracy, What Is Over-Population?, Preparing the Soil, Centralism & Dictatorship, Inflation & Social Justice, Land for the People. Reports for events and organisations. Short news items including explanation of the Whittakers' withdrawal from NEC. EP NEC report.


24 pages of unknown size. Scan of variable quality - many pages cropped at top or bottom.