Green Collective Mailing 18 Jan-Feb'87

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DocTypes: Newsletter

Sources: DT

Years: 1987

Year: 1987

Source: scan from David Taylor personal archive

Archived: November 2017


Cover pen & ink drawing. Usual GC reports. Guest report from Norwich on their Green Fair. Article from Andy P(ratt?) on trip to dartmoor with an australian aboriginal elder. Selection of short news items and letters. Insert flyer for Green Deserts Community Forestry organisation.



20 pages. Cover A3 wrap round photocopy on yellow, remainder roneo'd on lower grade paper. First three inside sheets single sided (balnk pages included in numbering). Insert flyer on white paper designed as 2 fold double side leaflet from Green Deserts as pages 17 & 18. OCR'd but not check - copy with caution.