Stop Torness Festival Poster/Flyer

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DocTypes: Flyer Poster

Events: Gathering

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Years: 1983

Year: 1983

Source: scan from David Taylor personal archive

Archived: May 2017


Poster/flyer for Stop Torness (nuclear power station near Dunbar, Scotland) event on May Bank Holiday 1983. Poster features image of crowd holding hands around a reactor with a tree sprouting from its cracked shell. Leaflet draws connection between nuke power and weapons. A "walk for life" from Faslane to Greenham Common arrives at Torness on Bank Holiday Monday.



Scan of A4 double sided original print on orange-yellow paper with dark brown and red ink (red only on poster side). Landscape format. Flyer side typeset in four columns under bold "Stop Torness" head and with hand-drawn location map.