Green Line 27 November 1984

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General: GreenLine

Sources: PCox

Years: 1984

Year: 1984

Source: Scanned by Peter Cox from own archive

Archived: December 2017


Cover: Graphic of peace dove and sunflower
Headlines: Greens support the Miners, A future for trees?, Talking to Porritt, Molesworth Green Village



  • p2 Editorial & ads.
  • p3 & 19 “Greens Support the Miners” by Dave Mellor
  • p4-5 “A Future for Forests?” by Kay Wedgbury report of 3 day conference
  • p6-7 “The Firewood Crisis” by Alistair Danter
  • p8 “Politics of the Land” by Bruce Mackenzie
  • p9 “In Defence of Daintree” by Ian Cohen and John Seed
  • p10-11 Jonathon Porritt interviewed by Jon Carpenter
  • p12-13 “Molesworth Green Village” by David Taylor
  • p14-15 Reviews: Green Politics by Fritjef Capra, Future War by Frank Barnaby,
  • p16-17 Letters: response to Gandhi (GL26), more on the Eco debate
  • p18-19 Network news
  • p20 “Agricrisis” food column by Oona Murphy and Sourdough recipe


Five sheets of A3 folded to give 20 A4 pages. Front sheet printed Green and brown on pale cream paper, remainder black on white. OCR not checked.