Ecology Party Manifesto 1983 General Election

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Events: Election

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Years: 1983

Year: 1983

Source: scan from Pete Frings personal archive

Archived: September 2017


Ecology Party Manifesto for the 1983 General Election. "Politics for Life" from "the Ecology Party - Britain's Green Party". Inside front cover title "A Manifesto for Peace, Liberation & Survival" together with a quote from EF Schumacher. 35 pages divided into two parts. Pages 2-24 being a general discussion/introduction to green politics and principles and pages 26-34 being detailed policies. A 1 point action plan for life on earth now appears on p26 - many of the points having subsequently been implemented.

Illustrated throughout by cartoons by David Haldane, the concluding one showing a green shoot growing from the cracks between arid areas labelled "Labour, Tory, Aliance" with the caption "Where the Wasteland Ends" - possibly an allusion to Theodore Rozak's book published in 1972.



Printed double sided on roughly square paper same width as A4 portrait. Some headings laid out across two adjacent pages. Black and green ink on white paper. Covers green, orange and black on white. 38 sides including covers.