Category: 1970 - 1979
Year: 1973
Note: The book that brought a damning critique of conventional economics to a wide audience


Published at the time of the 1973 energy crisis and the rise of the 'appropriate technology' movement this book was widely read and stimulated much debate. Covering some of the same bases as Limits to Growth, Schumacher showed how conventional economics by treating natural non-renewable resources as income rather than capital was inherently destructive of both people and the eco-system.

His alternative model based on his long term study of village based economies had parallels with Teddy Goldsmith's experiences living with tribal communities - the experience which led to the creation of PPF and Survival International and the publication of Blueprint for Survival. Schumacher was a regular contributor to Resurgence and president of the Soil Association from 1970. The ideas that went into Small is Beautiful would have been well known to the team at the Ecologist producing Blueprint for Survival.

Tags: 1970-79  

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